Double vagina

double vagina

Learn about women with double reproductive organs. A woman can have two each of the uterus, cervix, and vagina. Another case is when a woman has uterus. Why am I spotting if I'm not on my period? - Duration: IntermountainMoms 19, views · · Art vaginoscopy by osama shawki, double. For example, a woman can have two vaginas, but just one uterus and . In most cases, it's actually possible to correct a double vagina, says.

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Put an End to Nail Fungus. It is also possible to have abnormal development in only one of the two Mullerian ducts, which can lead to an abnormality called unicornuate uterus , with only one normal Fallopian tube. The cause of the fusion failure is not known. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics. If this development does not proceed normally, abnormalities can occur in the genital tract that are often referred to as "fusion" or "duplication" abnormalities. As a result, there is a double uterus with two separate cervices , and rarely a double vagina as well. double vagina

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